Executive Coaching
& Leadership Consulting


Welcome. Thank you for visiting my site.

Perhaps you’ve landed here because you’re in a senior leadership position and something is on your mind—something is in your way that you want to work through with a thought partner and trusted advisor.

Or, you are looking to grow into the next evolution of yourself as a leader and your team as an optimized organization.

Though trained, educated, and grounded in linear approaches to coaching and consulting, I don’t rely on methods and models and multi-step programs.

I work with each client on an organic level, based on the client’s unique needs and expectations. 

Consulting and coaching are about creating awareness and uncovering opportunities that call you to action and reward you every day with new wisdoms and lighted paths.

My promise of value is to help you connect the dots. . .

• To see what you cannot yet see about yourself and the landscapes in which you work,

• To create breakthroughs and eliminate barriers through innovative ways of thinking and leading,

• To reimagine and up-level your leadership self

. . .to realize significant business outcomes and drive sustainable personal, professional, and organizational success.

Leadership is not an event or a place of arrival — leadership is perpetual and a dynamic opportunity for evolution.

There is always a “what’s next?” and a “then what?”

One characteristic of great leadership is how leaders “show up”—more than what they do in their positions. Exceptional leaders are steeped in self-awareness and excel at how they communicate and interact with those on the team and others in the organization.

This is conscious leadership, and it is essential to business success.

Howard Gardner wrote, “It is not how smart you are, it is how you are smart.”

I can help you be smarter and more creative, influential, and fulfilled as a leader.

I become your strategic third eye to help you navigate your challenges and opportunities to improve performance and drive remarkable results.

Let’s connect the dots by starting a conversation. Whatever is on your mind, your unique objective or need, the first step is to respond. As you visit the pages on my site, consider what feels familiar to you—and ask yourself: What more do I want for myself and my organization? Then contact me. Let’s have that conversation on your behalf, to find the next powerful opportunity in your brand of leadership.

Starting from where you are now.